About Us


Looking to rent or list your home? We can help!

Our only charge for rental listings is a 10% monthly management fee – NO HIDDEN CHARGES!

Carolina Care Rental Management & Realty is a small family owned company that has grown out of the need for focused attention to the care of owner’s property and maximizing owner’s investments. We are available with a call to the office or cell phones. We encourage you to call at any time to discuss your property or to get answers to any rental questions. Susan & Fred are Licensed South Carolina Realtors. Susan is also a Licensed Notary Public.

We have owned rental property in Myrtle Beach since 2000. We hired rental companies to manage our property. Time and time again we were not treated properly or professionally. Our property was damaged, mistreated and mismanaged. This is the why we chose to go into the management business.

Susan & Fred both retired several years ago from New York State. Susan retired after 32 years of teaching. One of her best attributes is her organizational skills. Fred was a Program manager working with the developmentally disabled. His best attribute is communication. They both have managed rental property in New York as well as owned three Dunkin’ Donuts franchises gaining a tremendous knowledge of the business world.

All of our agents are licensed as Realtors or Property Managers which is very important when looking for a rental company.